Here comes our main featured slot games!!!

In Dafabet Slots, we mainly focuses in promoting our special featured slot games. If you see some similar slot games in other casinos, they are actually different from each other. We provide more features and special prizes in the promoted slot games. Meaning, you can win many big prizes by just spending a small capital according to the minimum amount bet of the chosen slot games🏆.


🎰Alternative choices of slot games are available in Dafabet Slots, with more than 100 attractive themes and up to 10000X prizes are waiting for you to win. Shhh🤫... Don't tell other players that there will be more big prizes appear in Jackpot Slots🤫 Spin more and there will be higher possibility for you to get the Jackpot. Good luck!


The Most Popular Jackpot Slot - Funky Monkey Jackpot


There are two versions in Funky Monkey, which is the normal slot version and the Jackpot version. Funky Monkey Jackpot is a Jackpot slot with 3 reels. As this Jackpot slot infused with jungle and monkey theme, you will see many jungle elements such as bananas, monkeys and other elements. The game rules are simple and direct, you just have to spin out 3 same symbols on the slot machine to trigger a minimum winnings.

Read the payout table to know how much you can win by meeting the correct alignment. Wish you a happy spinning and hit the Jackpot!



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